We created an online communication network for the project Slovak Language Center

iLearn online center in cooperation with the company iCord International has launched a test run of the Slovak Language Center communication network – consisting of various real-time applications. The application Onif chat facilitates a direct connection of the team members through text messages, voice and video meetings as well as file and screen-sharing. The communication occurs via computers as well as mobile devices such as tablets, smart phones and any other mobile devices based on the Android and iOS platforms. The “ONIF room” application is intended for online meetings of the project team and of the solution teams, as well as for training pedagogues. Participation in those meetings does not require an installation of dedicated software. All one needs is a web-browser. Participants may present their files in various formats (powerpoint, word, excel), image and video files and there is also an interactive whiteboard available. The room’s capacity enables an active participation of all team members (including guests), regardless of their physical geographic location.


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