Working with app

Working with app

The application is primarily intended for content presentation and teaching through mobile devices, tablets, and mobile phones (smartphones). The teaching content is also available via a web browser on any computer. Compared to the mobile version, www browser does not provide all the possibilities of the mobile application, such as set a learning reminder and add your own cards.

Download and install

On the www page where you registered there is a link at the bottom of the page (sometimes it is necessary to use the scroll bar to get to the bottom of the browser window)  Imprint.

Clicking it will open a page with apps for different types of devices. The site offers to download the application from GooglePlay (tablets, smartphones) respectively. from AppleStore (iPad, iPhone). Select the device on which you want to work with the learning content.

Application settings

Entering your login information (which you obtained during registration) is essential for the application to work correctly. The app automatically sets the address of the server from which you are learning the content. After registration, the system will send you an email to confirm the registration and an email address to the email address you entered at registration. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please also check the “Junk” folder.

Application settings for use on tablets and smartphones with Android OS

The application will ask for login data immediately after installation. Enter the information you received when registering. If you did not register on the website, you could do it through the application. The language of the app will be set automatically according to your preferred language on your device.

Application settings for iPhone and iPad

The settings are similar to Android devices.

Working with the application

By following these steps, the application is ready to work with the learning content. You can get more details for working with the application either directly in the app under “Help“. Practical aspects of using the app are presented in the introductory course “ user guide“.