Small steps
 Micro­Le­arning means learning in small sequen­ces. It’s quick, goal-ori­en­ted and ensu­res learning suc­cess.

 Our solu­tion clo­ses know­ledge gaps and adapts to indi­vi­dual learning pro­gress so that ever­yone can achieve their learning goals.

Any­time, anyw­here
 Learning steps are deli­ve­red to lear­ners whe­re­ver they are, at any time – on the smart­phone, tablet or PC.

 We sup­port know­ledge acqui­si­tion and mea­sure know­ledge out­co­mes ins­tead of tracking hours lear­ned or atten­dance days.

Digital knowledge cards: Easy to create, versatile to use

Asking instead of telling: Why bore students with explanations for questions they already know the answer to? KnowledgeFox always poses a factual question before conveying content, thereby encouraging curiosity and interest.

Immediate feedback: If a question cannot be answered right away, the solution and explanation will be shown immediately – while still being curious. The explanations can include images, video files and audio clips.

Self-directed learning: The users themselves determine how often they wish to be asked learning questions. Via the index and search functions, answers to specific questions can be found at all times.

Playful competition: Learners can invite colleagues to a KnowledgeMatch and prove their knowledge in competitions. After three rounds, the winner receives points for the leaderboard.