Inovation of Tommorow Today: WSA Top 40 2015 In Digital Innovation

40 Winners, 24 Runner-ups, selected from 386 nominations. This WSA once more brings you a diameter of innovation from Indonesia to Argentina, from Iceland to New Zealand. See an app for cancer detection, robotics for first-graders and a political think tank. But not only that, the WSA Winners 2015 offer a vast spectre of digital innovation.

WSA Winners 2015

Category Country ProductTitle Product URL
Government & Open Data Lithuania Business Gateway
Government & Open Data Austria Open Spending Austria
Government & Open Data France Parliament and Citizens
Government & Open Data Ireland Local Authority Finances
Government & Open Data Mexico CRICKET
Health & Environment Bangladesh CriticaLink
Health & Environment Mexico Miroculus
Health & Environment Bulgaria Bee Smart Technologies
Health & Environment New Zealand ARANZ Medical
Health & Environment Brazil CleverCare
Learning & Science Lithuania Bliu Bliu
Learning & Science Namibia The case for NAMCOL: Online Open Educational Resources (OERs)
Learning & Science Spain SCIENCE-BITS
Learning & Science Kuwait Snowball master control unit
Learning & Science Ireland CoderDojo
Entertainment & Lifestyle Mexico Kerbal Space Program
Entertainment & Lifestyle Ireland Pledge Sport
Entertainment & Lifestyle United Kingdom Our World War Interactive
Entertainment & Lifestyle Sri Lanka FlipBeats
Entertainment & Lifestyle Argentina Creators
Culture & Tourism Estonia Teleport Flock
Culture & Tourism Austria Vienna State Opera live
Culture & Tourism South Africa Latest Sightings
Culture & Tourism United Kingdom First Life VR
Culture & Tourism Germany Digital Collection
Media & News Senegal Scocial Net Link
Media & News Philippines Rappler
Media & News Bulgaria imagga
Media & News United Kingdom Your Story
Media & News Bosnia And Herzegovina Center for Investigative Reporting