The Aims

The aims of the association are:

  • The promotion of online technologies in education.
  • The production, archiving, categorization and sharing digital educational contents.
  • The organization of international online workshops and conferences.
  • The promotion and popularization of competitions, for high school and university students, for the creation of information technologies based applications.
  • The organization of multicultural educational groups.
  • Carrying out beneficial activities including interactive discussions.
  • The promotion of lifelong learning through specialized online courses conducted by experienced lecturers from various countries. The selection of course participants will be based on the association┬┤s multicultural orientation.
  • The development of knowledge and competencies for creating online courses and an interactive educational environment.

The association also aims to support the following areas:

  • To foster International cooperation among individuals within the same profession.
  • To cooperate with international institutions, organizations and businesses.
  • To cooperate with other occupational associations and societies for the mutual interest of all individuals of these professions, e.g. common PR activities.