Guidelines and Manuals

Making learning easy. supports knowledge acquisition in small steps (MicroLearning), powered by a smart system of repetition and the use of intelligent learning cards.

Download KnowledgeFox® General Product Information Client Download: One account, many devices.

The iLearn.SK clients run on all major operating systems and most devices, including mobile phones. With one account you can learn independently of any device. The learning progress is fully synchronized between your devices.

iLearn.SK for Windows (Direct Download)

iLearn.SK for Android (Google Play Download)

iLearn.SK for iPad (App Store Download)

iLearn.SK for iPhone (App Store Download)

User Manuals: Concise information.

Using iLearn.SK is easy and intuitive. The QuickStart Guides provide a written overview of everything you need to know to get started with KnowledgePulse®.


iLearn.SK for Android


iLearn.SK for iPhone


iLearn.SK WebClient


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iLearn.SK for Windows