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Any fool can know.
The point is to understand.

– Albert Einstein

About iLearn

  • Promotion of online technologies in education.
  • Promotion and popularization of competitions for high school and university students in creation of information technologies based applications.
  • Organization of multicultural educational groups.
  • Promotion of lifelong learning through specialized online courses led by experienced lecturers from various countries.


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Brandon Hall jury honors KnowledgeFox on a par with Microsoft, Adobe, SAP, Nissan and Unilever

25. 09. 2016

KnowledgeFox has received the Silver Award in the category "Best Sales Training and Performance" of the internationally acclaimed U.S. Brandon Hall Award....

The new version of the KnowledgePulse® is named KnowledgeFox®

25. 02. 2016

Compared to the original application KnowledgePulse® It is now fully multimedia and was supplemented by the possibility of competition between the students themselves....